How A Fractious Women’s Movement Came to Lead the Left // The New York Times Magazine
-feminism brought the opposition together. but how long will that last, and how many converts can it win?

Women Aren’t Welcome on The Internet // Pacific Standard
– online threats and the next frontier of civil rights

You Can Only Hope to Contain Them // ESPN The Magazine
–  how the world’s greatest athletes battle with their own breasts.

You’re Not a Rape Victim Unless Police Say So Washington City Paper
– on the many ways Washington, D.C. denied a teenage rape victim justice


Lesley Manville Has Waited Long Enough // The New York Times
– The genius is a designation rarely extended to women. He’s a man who can create wonderful things but can’t manage himself, so he has women do it for him. Even as she plays such women, Lesley Manville challenges all that: She is the great artist who can take care of herself and everybody else, too.

The Prettiest Girl In New York Is a Porn Star // The Village Voice
Stoya obliterates the lines between femininity and strength, sex worker and thinker, porn and art

Just Cheer, Baby // ESPN the Magazine
– Lacey T. and the high kicks and low pay of NFL cheerleaders


Keeping Up With Dad // Slate
– my father dragged me deep into the Grand Canyon, and then he got me out. twice.

Slash and Burn // Tomorrow Magazine
– the rise of queer One Direction fan fiction, and the fall of the manufactured pop heartthrob 

How the Sexiest Man Alive Sausage Gets Made // Slate
– three decades of what People thinks women want

Tongue In Cheek // Playboy
– the new frontier in heterosexual sex

How the Trolls Stole Washington // The New York Times Magazine
– internet trolls work by exploiting the gap between the virtual and the real. Trump does it, too.


Quit Playing Games With My Heart // Slate
– how your boy band idols evolved from constipated romantics to ironic sprites

A Cautionary Tale of the Anti-Hangover Patch // GOOD Magazine
– intoxicated service journalism, for science

Is Your City Making You Single? // The Atlantic Cities
– on love, proximity, and emergency pot cookies 

Dealbreaker: He’s a Prostitute // GOOD Magazine

– my own confessional entry in a series of personal essays on breakups I conceived of and edited

My Slate archive


“Kids don’t need social media to learn how to shame each other sexually. That’s been going on for a very, very, long time. Social media is just the new way that we talk about everything, whether it’s positive or negative. What I’ve seen, though looking at communities of teenagers on the internet—who never would have been able to find each other before his moment in time—is that a lot of teenagers speak openly about sexual harassment, about sexual assault, about being harassed on the street. They have an opportunity to engage in a community that’s making positive conversation about teen sexuality.”

NPR’s All Things Considered

“[Boy  band] songs, for the most part, follow really traditional romantic tropes. … But offscreen, these girls are writing stories and projecting fantasies onto these boys that are much more sexual—sometimes, they’re even homosexual. The scenarios they’re interested in putting these boys in? I don’t think the record industry is taking it that far. But the girls certainly are, in their own fantasies.”

— WNPR’s The Colin McEnroe Show

“I’m not a big believer in online dating, [but] I do really believe in the connective power of the internet. Eventually our online dating lives and the rest of our online lives—and our offline lives—will become more seamless, which I think will make for better matches.”

– American Public Media’s Marketplace


  1. Brian
    May 14, 2013

    I saw you on CNN. You are a hottie!

  2. Lucas from Australia
    January 8, 2014

    Hi, just finished your essay on cyber-stalking. Demented stuff… Sorry guys can be such vile fucktards. Happy I found a good writer with a hefty backlog of pieces I can work my way through :)

  3. Riley
    January 14, 2014


    I just read your article, Woman Aren’t Welcome on The Internet, and I wanted to say thank you for taking a stand against the vile harassment. It’s disgusting and it can’t be allowed to go unpunished. Thanks again.

    Take care,


  4. Tom Daykin
    January 19, 2014

    I just read your piece on the online threats to women. I think you should seek help from your fellow journalists. The Committee to Protect Journalists cpj.org might be a resource. Keep up the great work.

  5. Molly Anne Krebs
    February 9, 2014

    Dear Amanda,

    Thank you for your strength and passionate writing. My feminist group and I (Haven at Creighton University) will be discussing your “Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet” this week. Know that you are the reason why college girls like me stay strong and continue to hope for a better world for women–both online and off.

    Molly Anne Krebs

  6. Arlof
    June 26, 2015

    good for you, this great work!

  7. chuck
    July 26, 2015

    I hope you won’t think this diminishes you as a writer but I saw the pic next one of Slate pieces and thought I’d Google you just for kicks and wow you are super-cute in every single photo of you that’s online. I mean, just PAINFULLY so

  8. Jill Sieracki
    January 19, 2017

    Hi Amanda,

    I’ve been reading some of your clips and I wanted to reach out and see if you are doing any freelance work in addition to your role at the NY Times? I am the Senior Features Editor at Brides and we are looking to add another layer to our editorial, and add real conversation features into the magazine and talk honestly and openly about women, relationships, and marriage, stories that spark a conversation on a larger scale. I think you have a strong voice and I’d love to talk to you more about some ideas. Please let me know your thoughts and I look forward to connecting. – Jill


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